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How Making A Documentary About My Liver Failure Turned Into a Story About My Addiction

Editor’s note: This article is filled with spoilers of the documentary the author directed, produced, edited, and starred in titled Live or Failure.

Say it quickly: Live or Failure. That’s what was happening to me. Liver failure.

When I started making this film, I didn’t intend to explore the escalation of a drinking problem I had been in denial about for years mostly because I was largely unaware I even had a problem. But I quickly learned in the post-production process that’s how addiction works sometimes.

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On Millennial Musings podcast with Anurag: Andrea opens up about her struggles with alcohol addiction, her journey in sobriety, and how she turned the camera on herself to film an incredibly beautiful and vulnerable documentary on her journey seeking a liver transplant, and an unexpected discovery that changed the course of her treatment.